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We build systems for mobile, web and business.

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What we do


Truly disruptive businesses dream first. Don't just keep up with the competition, dream about what it will take to leap-frog the norm and become the leader in your industry.


Ensure your systems are responsive to change and able to scale before you develop them. Plan for success and technology will reward you accordingly.


We build smart and test continuously which allows us to adapt on the fly to changing environments. We keep it agile so that you always have a responsive partner in the development space.


Don't wait six months to find out your project is behind schedule. We deliver on regular short intervals to keep things transparent and ourselves accountable.

About Us

CodeStream has a combined 40 years experience in Information Technology designing and building systems for large enterprises and small startups.

We've delivered systems for businesses based in London, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

Companies like BritInsurance, Man Investments, Freshfields, CashRewards and The SPAR Group.

What we build with


Continuous Integration / DevOps

Unit / Integration Testing

Agile / SCRUM / XP

Who are we

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